Hungarian teacher

About My Method

I will teach you Hungarian using my own personal method. Most importantly we will talk a lot, use a lot of pictures, recordings, stimulating exercises and we will test your knowledge from real life situations. We will create a learning plan of basic areas:

Pronunciation : Hungarian is one of the most unique languages on Earth making the pronunciation also unique and beautiful! It is sweet-sounding, tuneful and songful. With practice we will ensure that you don’t have a strong accent because unlike other languages, Hungarian is very different in pronunciation and intonation.

Lifestyle:  We will study everyday things:  work, family, fashion,  hobbies, shopping, entertainment,  etc.  Especially what is important to you!

Grammar:  First, I will introduce the fundamentals (present, past and future tenses of verbs), congegation, nouns, vocabulary and a lot of expressions. Then the possessive forms, question words and when you feel comfortable with the basics we will continue!

If you have a book that you would like to use I would be more than happy to include it! Also, based on my experience, I would like to suggest some specialty books that I have as well as some catered handouts.

I’m available to teach at your home, office, at a language school in Budapest,  via Skype or at the location of your choice.

Learn Hungarian with me!