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The Hungarian Language


 A magyar nyelvről:


About The Hungarian Language:


Everyday expressions:

Good morning                                          Jó reggelt (yow raig-gailt)

Good day/Good afternoon                   Jó napot (yow naw-pot)

Good evening                                          Jó estét (yow esh-tayt)

Good night                                               Jó éjszakát ( (yow ez-so-kaat)

Good-bye                                                  Viszontlátásra (vee-sont-laa-taash-roh)

Yes                                                              Igen (ee-ghen)

No                                                               Nem (nem)

Thank you                                                  Köszönöm (kö-sö-nöm)     ö:  as in bird, herd


Cardinal numbers

0  nulla  (nool-loh)

1  egy  (edj)

2  kettő  (ket-töh)

3 három  (haa-rom)

4  négy  (naidj)

5  öt  (öt)

6  hat  (hot)

7  hét  (hait)

8 nyolc   ( njolts)

9  kilenc  (kee-lents)

10  tíz  (teez)





- Jakob Grimm; Fairytale writer and the first German grammar scientist (XIX century):
" ...the Hungarian language is logical, has a perfect structure and surpasses every other language. ".

- N. Erbersberg; Viennese scientist (XIX century):
"In the structure of the Hungarian language, as if the assembly formed by linguists would have it that there is any regularity, firmness, consistency and clarity. "

- George Bernard Shaw; One of the most quoted playwrights in history (
"I can say with confidence - after I have studied the Hungarian language through many years - that I could have created a far more precious and worthy literary work of my life if I had had the possibility to do it by Hungarian. I claim this simply because this strange, powerfull language is the most capable to write about the differences and details of the minor, secret human emotional nuances."

- Grover S. Krantz; American researcher:
"The Hungarian language ......I find that language Neolithic transition, preceded the start of the New Stone Age  ...  all the sedentary among the Hungarian language is the oldest. "

- Ove Berglund; Swedish physician and translator:

"Now that I have an idea of the structure of language, it is my opinion: the Hungarian language is the top product of human logic." (Hungarian National 2003rd XII. Second p.5.)

- Edward Teller; Nuclear physicist:
"... Excellent new discovery that ONE  language is, that is the Hungarian." (Mai Nap, Budapest, 1991. 9)